A Race to the Sea by C J Richardson 2011


We’re on the train that’s racing to the seaside for the day

I’ve got my towel and costume, my bucket and my spade

Outside I get a fleeting look at cows in fields of green

I shout ‘hello’ but they can’t hear above the whistle’s scream


The man collects our tickets as he staggers down the aisle

He holds on to the seats to get his balance every while

I can hear a baby crying from the seats behind our four

And a bag has fallen over, contents scattered on the floor


The carriage door bangs open as a trolley rattles through

“Tea or coffee anyone?  How ‘bout a biscuit too?”

Mummy gets a tea and for me a chocolate cake

Food and drink fly everywhere in time with every shake


The trees are flashing past. It makes me feel quite sick

So I close my eyes and hope that we’ll get there double quick

At last the train stops shaking and excitement floods my face

We must be nearly there I think. The train slows down its pace


The train pulls in the station and the crowds begin to stand

Mummy picks her bag up as she holds on to my hand

The bag contains some sandwiches, a blanket and some pop

And now the sun is shining, we will play until we drop


Stepping on the beach, toes tingling in warm sands

The sea stretched out before us reaching out to far off lands

Seagulls soaring overhead, flying high then low

Hoping for a tasty titbit from the crowds below


Building castles by the score and running to the sea

Fetching lots of water to fill the moat





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