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Follow the girl who has to cross decades to ensure she is not forgotten.

Can a boy who is willing to give up his soul to save his father, succeed in his battle with The Night Watchman?

Will a woman stand up to a world of hatred and prejudice in her search for a better life?

Can a daughter, living with a domineering father who spends his days in his laboratory, survive his evil experiments?


'Home Truths' is an eclectic collection of fourteen short stories. 

If you like to ride an emotional roller coaster of fear, hate, prejudice, sacrifice and love (with a sprinkling of the supernatural and gothic horror) you won't be disappointed.

Pick up your copy of Home Truths TODAY and climb on board.


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 Best selling author of POSTCARDS FROM A STRANGER, Imogen Clark comments:

“What a super find this book is. It's perfect for dipping into when you have a few minutes spare or maybe over a cup of tea. The stories cover all kinds of subjects with a wide array of fascinating and well-drawn characters. I particularly enjoyed The Nightwatchman and Nursing a Grudge but there really is something for everyone. Highly recommended."

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