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Getting in the Spotlight

Well it's getting quite close now. My cover for NORTH SEA SHELLS is finished and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Let's hope it will draw some attention on Amazon and Smashwords.

My publisher has asked me to come up with 7 keywords and some possible filters for Smashwords and Amazon so that my book can be found easily when people search for something new to read. I hadn't given it much thought. Surely my book was specific to one filter.

Absolutely not. What was it I wan't to get across?

World war One? Social history? Homefront? Military? Women? Romance? All of these I would have thought, but how?

I was really struggling until I came across this post on 'Goodreads' by Jim Liston. Thank you so much Jim.

He explains in very simple terms (ideal for me) how to detrmine which words and filters are most likely to bring your book up on the first page. I found it very helpful and my publisher thinks I have made good choices.

Have a go yourselves it really helps.

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