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New authors

I went to the award winning White Rose Book Cafe in Thirsk last night to an event for two debut authors.

Hannah Kohler and Lisa Owens came along with their publisher from 'Picador'. What a treat to listen to how budding authors write their books. What inspires them and how they dealt with problems along the way. We were served Pizza and Prosecco, followed by an extremely good interview between the lady from Picador and the two authors. We asked our own questions after the interview and the authors handled them very well. Both of them seemed to have gone through all the same fears, insecurities and self doubt that all us would-be authors suffer. it still doesn't stop me from thinking that they must both be so much better than I am having acheived being signed up by such a big publishing company.

Hannah Kohler's book THE OUTSIDE LANDS starts in 1960's San Francisco and covers the life of Jeannie and her younger brother Kip. I know very little about the Vietnam war and it's impact politically and socially on people in the United States so Hannah's passion when talking about her writing journey, her belief in her characters and the need to get their story down made me feel excited at the thought of reading her book. She read a short passage which drew me in immediately so I am looking forward to reading the rest.

Lisa Owen's book NOT WORKING is a contemporary novel about a young woman, Clare, who quits her job in order to find her 'true vocation'. only to realise she has no idea how to go about it. Lisa read an extract from her book which was funny, witty and the main character 'Clare' sounded a bit like Bridget Jones. The book cover is quite original and something I haven't seen before with a half sleeve cover that looks like a newspaper and a picture of Clare,on the book itself, is peeping over the top of it.

I am thinking of doing something similar with my book and have organised a meeting with the lovely lady Sue from the White Rose Bookshop to see if she would consider my book worthy. All my fingers are crossed, not only for the opportunity but that I will be able to actually do something so brave.

I'll let you know what happens.

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