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  • The Rippon Spurrier (Paperback)
  • The Rippon Spurrier (Paperback)
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The Rippon Spurrier (Paperback)


Autumn 1569

Gifted spurrier and blacksmith Robert Gray jumped at the chance to march in a rebellion against the heretic Queen Elizabeth. A committed Catholic, he is ready to lay his life down for his faith.

Since Elizabeth came to power in 1558, poor harvests, raised taxes and land enclosures had led to vagrancy, starvation, and crime. The Catholic north finally erupted when Mary Queen of Scots fled from Scotland, seeking shelter from Elizabeth, but found herself imprisoned by the English Monarch.

Now Robert, his beloved wife Catherine and their precious unborn baby are threatened. As the danger around him grows closer, Robert's lifelong friend turns against him, and the mystery of his father's death haunts him. He is determined to uncover the secrets of his past, but one man will stop at nothing to ensure those secrets remain buried.
Distrusted and hunted from all sides, Robert and Catherine must fight with all they have to save their family, friendships, and honour.

But first - they have to stay alive.

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