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  • The Spurriers Wife
  • The Spurriers Wife
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The Spurriers Wife


When the choice is life or death, there is no choice at all.

Fleeing Rippon, Catherine and her family race to board a ship bound for London and freedom. With the Queen’s soldiers closing in, is the only way to save her newborn baby and adopted son to let them go?

Rescued by a local physic and not knowing whether her baby could survive for long without her care, she is determined to follow her children to London and search them out.
The Spurrier’s Wife is the epic tale of one woman’s long journey to find her children no matter the cost, no matter how long. A journey that brings her to the centre of intrigue and plotting at the highest level, involving the richest man in a Protestant England. When a chance encounter uncovers the trail that will lead her to the ones she loves most in all the world, she prays they will still be alive, or must she say goodbye forever?


Buy ‘The Spurrier’s Wife’ TODAY and join her on the quest to find the one thing in life she believes is worth fighting for!

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