Book Covers -Where to start? I am. I have set up a website, got myself a facebook page and now I have to blog. I'm not even sure what a blog is? I have one called Carole925 on Wordpress but I set that up to help with my OCA studies. this is different. This is my 'SHOUT OUT' to the world.

'HEY WORLD' this is me. Is that loud enough? Probably not.

I am currently trying to get my book cover for 'NORTH SEA SHELLS' designed and if you think that is easy. It definitely is not.

Firstly, make sure your designer understands what you want from her/him. This is vital as my 'american' designer totally misunderstood my concept. Not because I didn't tell her clearly but because I made the mistake of assuming she had read my book and knew I was talking about a coastal town in England and not America or that The Great War was WW1 and not WW2. Nor was my heroine likely to wear her hair loose and flowing down her back while sitting in the dunes in a skimpy number that showed off her beautiful legs and thighs. Her design was beautiful and would have been great for a WW2 story about an American Soldier who lived by the sea but that's not my story. You've read my blurb. I think it's quite clear and it is if you're English and have seen photographs of working class edwardian women and men from 1914.

I have apologised to her and gone into great detail, this time, to get my vision across.

Secondly, your cover plays such an important part in making your book enticing to a reader. They need to be totally aware of what sort of book it is. Is it a genre they enjoy? Does the blurb and the front cover make them want to read it or is it so distant from the subject matter, it misleads them? Leaves them cold. I hope I get this bit right.

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