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Pouring Down

The rain starts off light, a fine drizzle making Lily’s hair sparkle as if thousands of diamonds have been weaved through her golden crown of curls. I smile and squeeze her hand.
‘Not far,’ I say.

The Big Show by Carole Richardson

‘Let’s do a show’ yelled Judith.
‘Oh No,’ moaned Malcolm as he sat on the edge of the kerb dragging a stick through the rubbish in the gutter, trying to poke it down...

A Dog of a Day by Carole Richardson

Liv had forgotten her umbrella and was valiantly trying to hold off some rain with her handbag. It was coming down in sheets. She nearly missed seeing the heap lying on the pavement under a lamppost.

Another Cup of Coffee

When I work in the office all day, I drink coffee as if it were the nectar of life. It keeps me going. Keeps me motivated. An antidote for the previous evening.
That's what I used to tell myself, day after day, week after week. I think I must have been hyper all the time. Functioning on adrenaline. It was bound to be my downfall in the end.

A Sense of Taste

He certainly isn’t to my usual taste; I’m usually attracted to the lean and wiry type. What was Sue thinking when she set me up? That said, for a first look on a blind date, he’ll do. He’s better than the last two she swore were perfect for me. Big brown eyes. Bit older than I’d expected. The touch of grey at the temples is nice. He’s so tall I have to tip my head back. I’ll get a crick in my neck if we don’t sit down soon.

Monday, Monday - by Carole Richardson

Monday, Monday.

Linda is cutting vegetables as she stands at the granite-topped island in the centre of the kitchen. Thirty years of marriage means order and routine for Linda.

Safety in Numbers by Carole Richardson

I put the mobile back in my apron pocket. I should know better. No matter what time Andrew says he will be here, he’s always late. Now everything’s spoiled, and I’m ravenous.

Short Stories

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