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Reviews from my readers

"Vivid imagery worthy of the "Highly Recommended" award from The Historical Fiction Company and five stars!! Congratulations to the author for this fine work of art of the Tudor era." -DK Marley, The Historical Fiction Company

"Richardson tells an exciting and stirring tale with warmth andpassion in a compelling and captivating account of the times. The Rippon Spurrier is unreservedly recommended!" -Book Viral Historical Fiction
"The Rippon Spurrier is a superior example of the historical fiction genre." -Reedsy Discovery 

The Rippon Spurrier

One man will stop at nothing

A country in turmoil. A legacy worth leaving. As The Rising of the North gains momentum, will one man sacrifice his life for his faith and the truth?


England, 1569. Robert Gray yearns to follow in his late father’s footsteps. Proud of his parent’s role in the Pilgrimage of Grace thirty years prior, the gifted spur maker and blacksmith eagerly equips his master for the renewed rebellion against the heretic queen. But when he discovers his closest friend is conspiring with Elizabeth’s agents, he races to warn the gathering army of the dangerous betrayal.


As he battles his wife’s difficult pregnancy and accusations smearing the family name, the dedicated Catholic works hard to prevent the holy cause from being ambushed by the monarch’s forces. But after traitors kidnap a young boy to bait a trap, Robert finds himself torn between protecting his loved ones or fulfilling his duty to God.


Will his attempts to win lasting honor lead him to a treacherous end?


In this sweeping depiction of warring political and religious factions, author C. J. Richardson skillfully recreates the high emotions and stakes of a nation divided. And as you closely track the timeline of an actual event and figures in history, you’ll be captivated by one man’s nail-biting attempt to live up to his beliefs.


The Rippon Spurrier is a breathtaking historical fiction novel, the first in a new series. If you like multi-faceted characters who leap off the page, meticulously researched stories, and compelling crusades, then you’ll adore C J Richardson’s award-winning march to the past.


Buy The Rippon Spurrier to ride for eternal glory today!

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